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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"The Silent Revolution of Truth" with producer Michael Horn (4/30/2008)


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Michael Horn and Jack Gerlach's film The Silent Revolution of Truth is a fascinating and remarkable true-life biographical examination of UFO contactee “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier, who has managed to photograph the best evidence ever of extraterrestrial craft. This famous case has images and film that are so convincing that the best skeptics have not been able to duplicate them -- or disprove them.

The film shows a great deal of the startling highly detailed UFO photography, videos, multi-toned sound recordings, all extremely convincing even by modern Hollywood special effects standards. Yet what is more compelling is the biography of Meier himself, which tells how a five year old Swiss boy’s meetings with extraterrestrials would lead him later in life through dozens of countries meeting many famous world leaders, and ultimately becoming a spiritual emissary for Universal Teachings given by his otherworldly friends.

On a personal note, while watching this film, I found myself reevaluating many of my long held personal beliefs about the entire UFO phenomenon and even my understanding of certain religious teachings. If one accepts the Meier case as completely true without doubt, then the knowledge and prophecies given by the extraterrestrial visitors contain profound implications for humanity and an urgent warning for our future.

If you have never seen or heard anything about this story, I urge you to see this film and make your own decisions. I know it will change your views on the nature of personal reality and the Divine Plan speaking to us through the Universe.

Producer Michael Horn