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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Transforming Hollywood & New Media – The New Era of Visionary Entertainment with Derek Rydall (10-8-2008)


Derek Rydall is the author of two marvelous books, “There’s No Business Like Soul Business” and "I Could've Written a Better Movie Than That!”. He is also a professional actor, screenwriter, singer/songwriter, a licensed spiritual therapist and founder of and, one of the fastest growing online firms for screenwriting and script consulting services.

In our conversation, we talked about this new spiritual consciousness that is growing in Hollywood today. How artists, writers, performers, and entertainment professionals are finding a deeper calling to ignite a profound transformation and evolution in the industries of film and media.

We also took a look at how the motion picture has effected social change by introducing socially relevant ideas into mass consciousness, and how humanity and culture has reflected ideas and values back into mass media.

There is definitely a trend happening in both Hollywood and independent film to create films with deeper meaning for audiences, and ones with bigger themes that truly seek to inspire all of us to strive for greater ideals and answer the deeper questions of human existence.

A memorable cinematic experience all begins with telling a great story, and we explored how what I call the “image story” of movies communicates to our subconscious to affect us on profound levels. This power in films and media has also been used effectively for propaganda and darker purposes to instill fear into the mass public mind.

Derek has coached thousands of artists, professionals, and individuals from many walks of life and offers insight, inspiration, and practical advice to anyone wanting to contribute their creativity to the enlightenment of the planet through entertainment. As a screenwriter, he has been on staff for Fox and Disney, developed projects for Universal, RKO, United Artists, Miramax, Nicolas Cage, Deepak Chopra, as well as working one on one with many writers, producers, and executives from around the world.

NOTE: To read my essays on “Defining Visionary Entertainment” and “The Spirit of Film” please see my 2007 show archives on this website.