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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Best Friends, Special Effects, and Digital Magic with Pony R. Horton (3/25/2009)


This week I am joined by my best friend on the planet, Pony R. Horton, whom I have known for more than 30 years. Pony is the most multi-talented person I have ever met: a visual effects artist, director, editor, cinematographer, painter, journalist, animator, photographer, screenwriter, IMAX projectionist, graphic designer, actor, bullwhip artist, and the list goes on. It seems there isn’t anything he can’t do. You can visit his IMDB page HERE.

Pony has worked in visual effects for some of the greats, like Van der Veer Photo Effects and Roger Corman, and recently has joined the Star Trek: Phase 2 post-production team working on the episode for "Blood and Fire."
You can see his article on their site HERE His work has appeared in motion pictures such as Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Superman, Nightwing, and Spielberg’s ‘1941’ (in which I assisted!)

Since 2001, Pony has been producing a lifework under his own company banner, Gravity Arch Media, (gravityarchmedia link) a docudrama on the life of William Mulholland, titled A Test of Integrity, which stars veteran character actor Victor Izay in the role of Mulholland, the man who brought water to Los Angeles in 1913. Pony acts as both host and character, playing Mulholland's assistant, H.A. Van Norman. See a clip here at and his effects work on the film at

Pony has also produced and directed numerous TV commercials and industrials in recent years under the Gravity Arch Media name. Pony considers it ironic that today he is fighting AIDS himself, after having created PSA's urging safe sex.

For all of you aspiring digital artists out there, Pony has a vast knowledge of the technical artistry and history of special effects work, and combining old style special effects techniques and digital CGI effects using the latest desktop software, creating some incredibly awesome looking stuff. It blows me away what he can do given a little time.

Other links: Pony’s You Tube channel and My Space Page: 

Pony as Indiana Jones and performing at LegoLand in California

Old friends long ago...
Look at the hair and beards!
Who are those guys?