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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Expanding Your Tele-Consciousness" with "Digital Dharma" author Steven Vedro 826/2009


Is it possible to get an introduction to spiritual thinking using the Internet and the Inforsphere?
Our guest, Steven Vedro's book, Digital Dharma, answers that question by analyzing our technological development as a psychospiritual process in fascinating and elegant terms. Join us for what I am certain will be a very visionary conversation.

Steven R. Vedro, MA, AEH, is a writer, lecturer, and nationally recognized telecommunications consultant who has been at the interface of new telecommunications technology and public service for the last twenty years. In the 1980’s he produced the nation's first television series on new consumer electronics for PBS, “The New Tech Times,” which aired on over 200 TV stations, developed the nation's first statewide teletext service and directed the University of Wisconsin Extension’s Telecommunications Development Lab.

More recently Vedro has advised numerous state and county government agencies, universities, and public broadcasting stations (PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting) in planning and managing distance learning networks and new digital technology initiatives. His technology articles have been published in Current Newspaper of Public Telecommunications and the Continuing Education Review. Vedro’s spiritual and personal transformation work includes 30 years of meditation practice. He is a graduate of the Hoffman Process and of the Inner Focus School of Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing and leads an energy healing practice in Madison, WI. Vedro is a declared Elder in the Mankind Project and assists at New Warrior Training Adventure weekends. He is an initiate in the Ruhaniat Sufi Order.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Living Temples - Sacred Land" with director Jan Nickman and Marlowe Brown (8/12/2009)



Two-time Emmy Award winning director Jan Nickman is one of a select few truly visionary pioneering filmmakers of the past decades. With over a dozen critically acclaimed titles to his name, including the groundbreaking computer animation films “The Mind’s Eye” (1990) and “Planetary Traveler”, along with the “Natural States” series, Nickman has carved himself a well deserved niche in movie history.

Jan Nickman’s latest experiential odyssey is ThirdPlanet Productions’ Living Temples- Sacred Land, a film which takes us on a mystical and healing journey through sacred places in the American Southwest. Here he combines his trademark breathtaking and elegant cinematography with a deeply moving original soundtrack by Grammy nominated composer David Lanz and flautist Gary Stroutsos.

Academy Award winning actor Linda
Hunt lends some wonderfully poetic spoken words to the soundtrack and National Ballet of Canada’s Caroline Richardson dances an evocative piece complementing the spirit of the film beautifully.

Even the way the film was created involved an innovative back and forth process between Nickman and Lanz, adding and building the cinematic story through each others’ creative vision until the final version of the movie was achieved.

I have personally traveled extensively throughout the Southwest, and spent countless hours in many of these powerful sacred places. If one connects into the energy of Nature while there, it can almost feel as if time has stood still for centuries, and the imagination moves into the dimension of mind where one can hear the voices of The Ancestors. Native peoples have known about this for millennia. Living Temples - Sacred Land is one of the very few films able to cinematically transport us to that dimension of our deep humanity. Along with David Lanz’s marvelous music and Gary Stroutsos haunting flute, it's no wonder that many people are telling of blissful and healing experiences after viewings of the film, myself included.

The film makes we want to jump in my old Izuzu Trooper and head off for parts unknown in the desert with no plan and not knowing when I will return to modern civilization.

For those of us who have been to these majestic and glorious landscapes and for those who have always wanted to go, Living Temples is your magical on request passport to the healing and life affirming power of the natural world through the medium of movies. It is one of the finest and purest examples of true visionary entertainment I have had the pleasure to experience.

Marlowe Brown of Third Planet Productions joined us in the interview. Read her blog on the Third Planet site. I have become a fan!

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