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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Filmmakers Inspiring Leadership for All" with Kenneth Schwenker, Mikki Willis, and Joseph Jacques (10/20/2010)


Hosted by the Non-Profit, Leaders Causing Leaders, the Debut LEADERShift Event at the Long Beach Convention Center, November 6-7, Features Two Days of Inspiration and Discussion With Some of the World’s Most Thought Provoking Speakers including Stephen M. R. Covey, Mark Victor Hansen, Jason Mraz and More than 100 Luminaries from the fields of Business, Art, Science and Spirituality.

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I am joined by three visionary individuals and fellow filmmakers who together have created a truly world class event. I am in awe at the amazing program for this conference and the luminaries who will be present. We will talk about their vision for the event and how each of you can contribute and participate.
Kenneth Schwenker, founder of Leaders Causing Leaders: “The time for transformation is now. We must take it upon ourselves to lead society and ourselves through the many challenges facing the world today. Assembling our top minds in one place, this conference will catalyze leadership in a way we haven’t experienced in the past. If you are a business professional looking to inspire transformation, or a mother of a teenager looking to guide and empower, this conference is for you. It’s our chance to galvanize as leaders, gain tools, and take them into the world.”
Also joining me is Mikki Willis, founding director of Elevate Films and the Elevate Foundation and especially the Elevate Film Festival, which challenges the international film community to create works of social significance and global importance. He is also a film director, with such works as “Shoe Shine Boys” (1997). Mikki was selected by Steven Spielberg to direct the short drama, “Deeper” In 2007.
Rounding out our conversation is my good friend J.J., Joseph Jacques, principal architect and visionary behind C.A.S.T. (Conscious Action Starts Today) whose organization and philosophy promotes ethical / humanitarian actions and activism using media, music, and personal transformational tools.

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