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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

"Engaging Your Audience: Telling Your Story Online" - first in a series of online marketing videos

Hi Everyone!
I have launched a new website at ( and beginning production on the first shows for my new "Visionary Entertainment" TV program.

I started doing a series of marketing videos with Steve Sorensen of and have included the first one here.

It's a talk about how to 'tell the story' of you and/or your business in regards to creating an online media marketing strategy. It defines the connection between the internal culture of a company and the external marketing strategy.

THE FREE GIFT: I tell a few of my personal marketing secrets I have used for some of the big names I have worked with over the years, which are NOT just an SEO campaign or more social media either. Hope you all like it. 

Don't forget, I offer a FREE 15 minute business consultation if you want to hear what I can do for you - which is to get more people online to engage with you, your site or company by creating a online media strategy.

You can reach me through Facebook or

"Engaging Your Market" with Randall Libero and Steve Sorensen from Randall Libero on Vimeo.